Below are examples of technology areas that describe some of GIRD Systems current and recent projects. Beyond these projects, we are also constantly exploring new lines of research developed through partnerships and the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

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IP Cores

Hardware-independent IP cores focused on signal processing and digital communications

Interference Mitigation

Custom solutions to help both legacy and future communications systems survive in congested and contested environments


Algorithms that exploit signals of opportunity for geolocation and navigation in GPS-denied environments

Waveform Porting

Waveform porting methodology based upon model-driven and unit-tested component integration, targeted to reduce overall schedule, cost and risk

Direction Finding (DF)

High-resolution DF of emitters of unknown bandwidths and center frequencies exploiting signal characteristics

Software Defined Radios

Leveraging the latest hardware component technology to achieve best tradeoff among performance, SWaP-C and flexibility

Advanced Waveforms

Over two decades of novel custom waveform developments ranging from robust, anti-jam, LPI/LPD to high data rate (Gbps) communications as well as modification of commercial and military waveforms

Turnkey Solutions

From design to implementation, providing both commercial and Programs of Record solutions